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Meet Our Founder

Ram Narayan is primarily an engineer and loves dogs. He merged his love with the digital industry and introduced Doggy Ji to you.

Now, it is easy and pocket-friendly for most Indian people to provide their dogs a healthy diet. Thanks To Ram Narayan!

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Fensco Foods is named after his Buddies Feni and Scotch (Fen Sco) and we believe they are the founders of Doggy JI 🙂

About DoggyJi

At Doggy Ji, we understand the importance of pets for their owners.

These are not just animals but their family members. Keeping this in mind, we are providing cost-effective and healthy biscuits for your cute family members to satisfy their hunger.

Why Choose Doggy Ji?

As India’s 1st affordable and healthiest dog food provider, we have some key features that will encourage you to choose Doggy Ji.

There are a lot of pure-hearted and lovely people out there taking care of dogs and other animals, but there are only a few brands that provide healthy food at an affordable cost. Doggy Ji is the first Indian brand to do so!”

Specially Formulated With the help of our experts who are also dog lovers, we formulated specific diet formulas for your furry friends.

Healthy Ingredients

Considering both the health and food interests of dogs, we are providing the best diet option. Rice and wheat are the main ingredients of these biscuits and adding extracts of meat urges dogs to eat them with fun.

Affordable Pricing

We focus on health as well as on your pocket. As we know the purchasing strength of our customers, we are providing budget-conscious products.

Low Sugar Usage

Heavy sugar usage can lead your pet to a lot of diseases like obesity. So, our experts make formulas with less sugar usage. It helps your pet to be disease-free and enjoy the biscuits.

Easy Access

We make it easy for our customers to buy Doggy JI. Digitally, it is available at our official site and Amazon India.
Further, it is also available at almost every pet store in Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Pune, Ajmer, and Hyderabad.

Note: We do not use any additional chemicals that can harm the dog’s health

Our Vision & Mission

We are in the market with a mission to provide the healthiest, most effective and cost-friendly diet options for your dogs.

We are working to ensure that our product always helps your pet to grow faster and maintain its health.

By proving ourselves the most affordable dog food brand, we also focus on providing diet plans for dogs of different ages to sustain their health.

Our vision is to be India’s most affordable Dog Food Brand !!!

>> We’re Also Available On

We take into account our buyer’s comfort and make it easy to purchase Doggy Ji for them. Now, you can buy it from the comfort of your home as well as from physical stores.

To shop it online, you can use our official website or our store at Amazon India. Despite this, approach any pet store in Goa, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Ajmer and Pune to purchase it.

>> Over 10K + Satisfied Dog Lover

In the first year of our business success, we served more than 10K customers across India and sold more than 1 crore biscuits.

Our happy clients and their reviews are the output of our dynamic efforts for the whole year.

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