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Get the best quality reflective collars for your dog’s safety in low visibility. These reflective collars for dogs are specifically designed for pet, street and stray dogs to increase visibility during night walks, these collars are perfect for street and stray dogs. Shop at Doggy Ji now to keep your furry friend safe!

What are Reflective Dog Collars?

Reflective puppy collars look like regular collars for dogs but the difference is that it has reflective tape. This reflective tape shines brightly when a car’s headlight falls on it. Driver gets alert of the dog’s presence in low-light conditions and reduces the risk of an accident significantly. Ideal for dog walks at dawn, dusk, or night.

Do Reflective Dog Collars Offer Safety in More Ways Than One?

Definitely! reflective collars for dogs offer safety benefits in multiple ways. The main benefit of reflective collars is the improved nighttime visibility they offer. As a result, there will be fewer accidents because your dog will be visible to oncoming cars, bikers, and pedestrians. Your dog will benefit even more from a reflective puppy collar if you take it on outside outings. Your dog will always be visible if they are wearing a reflective collar when they are trekking, camping, or hiking. Pet owners can also feel more at ease knowing that their pets are safe when out for walks in the dark or early in the morning when they wear reflective collars. It guarantees that their animals are always visible.

Once You Put a Reflective Collar on a Dog, Keep an Eye on Street Dogs!

Reflective collars are the best option to save street dogs. Once you put a collar on a stray dog you’re working for their safety. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on them to ensure the reflective collars stray dogs remain intact and effective. Regular checks will help maintain their safety and ensure the collars are serving their purpose.

Reflective Dog Collars Key Features

Safety and wellbeing of furry friends are the most important for dog owners, especially during walks and outdoor activities. 


Reflective collars for stray dogs increase visibility which makes it easier for drivers to see dogs from a distance. Risk of road accidents gets significantly reduced which ensures the safety of both pets and street dogs.


Reflective collars for street dogs are made of various materials. Our collars are made with nylon and polyester being popular choices. Our reflective collars for dogs are water resistant, designed to withstand various environmental conditions. So, buy collars with the best reflective elements from Doggy Ji which seamlessly integrated into the fabric for maximum visibility. 


At Doggy Ji, we offer reflective collars for stray dogs which are easy to use. Features like quick-release buckles and adjustable straps makes it simple to put on and take them off from your dog. It is especially useful for stray dogs are not accustomed  to wearing collars.


Our dog reflective collars are available in various sizes for all breeds and ages, from puppies to fully grown dogs. Measure Proper size of the collar for maximum comfort and effectiveness without slipping off.


We provide lightweight and comfortable Reflective collars for street dogs which allow dogs to move freely and comfortably. It is more important for active street dogs who need to stay agile and active.

Maintenance Tip

To maintain the effectiveness and quality of your dog’s reflective collar, you can follow simple tips.

  • Clean it regularly. 
  • Use mild cleanser and water to remove dirt and grime, then air dry. 
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or machine washing, as these can damage the reflective material. 
  • Check the dog reflective collar regularly for signs of breaking and replace it if the reflective strips begin to fade.


Are Reflective Collars Good for Dogs?

Absolutely, Street dog reflective collars are excellent for dogs. They enhance visibility in low-light conditions which reduces the risk of accidents. Most importantly, These collars are beneficial for street and stray dogs with an added layer of safety.

What Are Reflective Dog Collars For?

Dogs Reflective collars are specifically made to improve the visibility of dogs during nighttime or low-light conditions. So, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can easily notice the dogs and increase their safety.

Why Buy Reflective Dog Collars From Doggy ji?

At Doggy ji, we sell high quality reflective reflective dog collars in India made from durable materials to last longer. Our collars come at the most affordable price. It’s comfortable, and effective which makes them an excellent choice for pet owners. Moreover, we understand the specific needs of stray and street dogs to ensure they stay safe and visible.

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